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Our Story

Marlie Hall


As a TV News Reporter and Anchor, I climbed to the top of my field. But my hair paid the price.

Chemical hair straightening, sew-in extensions, and daily heat styling was my hair regimen for more than 15 years. It’s how I stayed camera-ready. 

Then in 2016, I had my stylist put honey blond streaks in my hair after my boss at the time “suggested” I get highlights. A few weeks later I had no highlights because they all broke off and the hair that was left with as short, thin and damaged. I had invested so much time, money and effort and I was left with hair that was just plain sad and, frankly, unflattering. 

I knew if I kept doing what I had been doing I’d have no hair left. So I started researching wigs and consulting some of the best wig makers in New York City. That’s when something magical happened.  One day I tried on the most beautifully crafted, high-quality crown made by an award-winning master wig maker. It was the hair I’d always dreamed of and I had achieved that look in seconds. It wasn’t wiggy as I had feared it might be. It was soft, luscious, human hair that looked like it was growing out of my scalp. In an instant, it lifted my spirits and changed my life. I was hooked. Actually, I was obsessed. I immediately bought one for every facet of my life from the anchor desk to girl’s night out and everything in between. 

Gone were the days of spending hours upon hours in the salon. I no longer had to endure the pain and discomfort of super tight and itchy sew-in extensions. No longer did I agonize about cutting or coloring my fragile strands. I could go in the steam room at the gym. I could frolick at the beach. I could dance in the rain. It was like a massive weight was lifted. I was free. And my own hair began to grow and thrive underneath all my beautiful crowns. 

I wanted to bring this type of freedom and beauty to other women,  and Free by Marlie was born. I have designed a collection of crowns that are beautiful and effortless. They’re meant for all women who want to have the hair of their dreams or want to switch up their look in seconds. Our crowns are made of the highest quality human hair and handcrafted by some of the best stylists and colorists in the industry. We absolutely love them and we are sure you will love them too!

Free by Marlie is more than a business. It’s a passion with a mission to empower women and take the stigma out of wigs. Crowns are fashion accessories that have already made their way into to the mainstream beauty and fashion industry.  So let’s have some fun with it!

The Team


Marlie Hall and Lucille Javier

Marlie Hall

Marlie Hall is the founder of Free by Marlie. She is a News Anchor, Reporter and TV Host who has worked for several major media companies including NBC, CBS, and The Food Network.

Her passion for crowns stems from own hair struggles and she’s thrilled to share her hair designs with other women.

Lucille Javier

Lucille Javier is our Color Visionary. She credits her ability to customize the perfect color for each crown to a background in art and painting. She specializes in a free-hand painting color technique that utilizes her keen eye for shades and color definition combined with traditional painting techniques.

After beginning her career as a stylist at Toni & Guy salon, Lucille made the switch to color and completed a rigorous assisting program in Los Angeles where she trained under renowned colorist Negin Zand.  In 2012, Lucille decided to move to New York City to assist celeb colorist Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger Downtown, where she was able to learn different hair painting techniques while providing an opportunity to work with top celebrities, models, and influencers to assist in building her portfolio.

Lucille has a diverse skill set and the natural artistic ability to paint the perfect, customized color for her clients to suit their own taste and needs that exceeds expectations.



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